Retrieve coin markets

πŸͺ£ Call credit usage for this endpoint: 1 credit per 300 data points

basestringBase coin.
quotestringQuote coin, or target coin.
base_idstringtid of base coin.
pair_typestringSpot, perps or futures.
exchange_namestringExchange name.
exidstringA unique ID to identify different exchanges.
price_latestfloatLatest price in USD.
price_change_percentage_24hfloat24 hours price change percentage.
vol_24hfloat24 hours trading volume.
vol_change_percentage_24hfloat24 hours trading volume change percentage.
last_traded_atintLast trade time.
is_outdatedboolIs price of the pair updated within the lasted 3 hours.
is_anomalyboolIs anomaly behavior detected in pairs.
is_validboolIs the pair valid.
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