Retrieve all coins rating

Get all token ratings

πŸͺ£ Call credit usage for this endpoint: 1 credit per 300 data points

Use offset and limit to decide the number of items (in this case, the number of coins) that will be returned.

For example, set offset as 0, and limit as 20, then you will get the top 20 coins based on rating scores.

Set offset as 10, and limit as 10, then you will get 10 coins rating data from No.11 to No.20 based on rating scores.

Here are the meanings of response fields

Variables DescriptionVariablesTypeDescription
Project tididstringA unique ID to identify different coins/protocols.
Project namenamestringFull name of the Project
SymbolsymbolstringCoin / Token symbol
Rating pagerating_pageToken's rating detail page on TokenInsight.
Tagstags[""]Classification of this project provided by TokenInsight, one project may contain multiple tags
Rating reportsrating_reportstringA project rating report provided by TokenInsight, including scoring standards in different dimensions
Related newstitle
Related news of this coin. If there is related news, then the latest crypto news that might not be related to this coin will be returned.
Rating levelsrating_levelstringThe rating level of the project, from AAA to D, and some projects are unrated now
Rating Scorerating_scorestringThe rating score of the project, and it is from 100 to 0, and some projects do not have a score now
Underlying technology security Scoreunderlying_technology_securitystringUnderlying technology security Score
Token performance Scoretoken_performancestringToken performance Score
Ecosystem development Scoreecosystem_developmentstringEcosystem development Score
Team, partners, and investors Scoreteam_partners_investorsstringTeam, partners, and investors Score
Token economics Scoretoken_economicsstringToken economics Score
Roadmap progress Scoreroadmap_progressstringRoadmap Progress Score
Update timeupdate_timeintThe update time of the rating result
Review timereview_timeintThe latest review time of the rating results by the TokenInsight research team
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