Retrieve exchanges list

πŸͺ£ Call credit usage for this endpoint: 1 credit per 300 data points

Use offset and limit to decide the number of items (in this case, the number of exchanges) that will be returned.

For example, set offset as 0, and limit as 20, then you will get the top 20 exchanges data based on exchanges' ranking on

Set offset as 10, and limit as 10, then you will get 10 exchanges data from No.11 to No.20 based on exchanges' ranking on

exchange_namestringexchange name
exidstringA unique ID to identify different exchanges.
websitestringexchange official website
twitterstringexchange the official Twitter link
fees_linkstringexchange fees link
launchedstringexchange launch date
centralizedboolcentralized or decentralized
support_spotboolsupport spot
support_derivativesboolsupport Derivatives
rating_spotfloatexchange rating of the spot market
rating_spot_dateintSpot rating time
rating_derivativesfloatexchange rating of the derivatives market
rating_derivatives_dateintDerivatives Rating Time
vol_spot_24hfloatSpot market trading volume in the last 24 hours
vol_derivatives_24hfloatderivatives market trading volume in the last 24 hours
open_interestfloatOpen interest
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