Retrieve coins list with price

πŸͺ£ Call credit usage for this endpoint: 1 credit per 300 data points

Get all coins with prices that are currently listed on TokenInsight. Price is the default in US Dollars. You can check Get list of supported_vs_currencies for other currencies.

id is unique to any given coin / protocol. You shall need it if you want to retrieve data on a specific coin. We have more than 10k+ coins in our database, thus, more than 10k ids.

Most of the time, TokenInsight's coin id was the same as their name, while replacing space or other symbols with a "-".

You can also find a coin's id from our website's URL:

bitcoin that after "coins/" is the coin id.

Use offset and limit to decide the number of items (in this case, the number of coins) that will be returned.

For example, set offset as 0, and limit as 200, then you will get the top 200 coins based on the coins' marketcap.

Set offset as 200, and limit as 50, then you will get 50 coins from No.201 to No.250 based on the coins' marketcap.

namestringCoin name
symbolstringCoin symbol
idstringA unique ID to identify different coins/protocols.
pricefloatCoin price, default in US Dollar
price_change_percentage_24hfloatprice change % in the last 24 hours
urlstringtoken's detail page on
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