Our team can also customize the style of the widget to match your UI/UX the samples below are the standard ones and are for reference.

Widgets Description

Widget Script Code

<script src="https://s2.tokeninsight.com/widgets/tokeninsight-rating-widget/index.js?343243434"></script><tokeninsight-rating-widget subject="white" language="en" token="bitcoin"></tokeninsight-rating-widget>

Wanna a preview of the widget?

Copy the widget code and paste it into https://www.onlinehtmleditor.net/

How to use it?

Please copy the code and embed it on your website or app. You can combine as many widgets as you want, but you must load the script only once.


Modify the parameters in the script code to adjust the style, language, and displayed projects of the widget
subject="black" is the dark mode and subject="white" is the light mode.

language="en" is English mode and language="zh" is Chinese mode.

token="bitcoin", please input the coin/token name to get the related rating details. (We will help you to find our token to match all the coins/tokens on your site. If you want to check all the ids of tokens, please go to https://api.tokeninsight.com/reference/get_coins-list)

Widgets Preview

Dark Mode EN

Light Mode EN

Dark Mode Chinese (ZH)

Light Mode Chinese (ZH)