Retrieve coins historical data including price, market cap, and trading volume. Day, Hour, and Minute data is supported.

πŸͺ£ Call credit usage for this endpoint: 1 credit per 300 data points

With this endpoint, you will be able to get the historical data of any coins/tokens. Historical data includes

  • price
  • market cap
  • 24-hour spot trading volume

The para and response are as follows

idstringA unique ID to identify different coins/protocols. You can find the list of ids in Retrieve coins list
intervalstringday for daily data
hour for hourly data
minutefor minute-ly data
Can be left blank and day will be the default.
lengthstringThis para decides how many data points you will get in the response, and different lengths are supported for different intervals.
For day, any number between1 - 365, -1 stands for the max length, and 90 is the default if left blank.
For hour, any number between 1 - 8784, 24 in the default if left blank.
For minute, any number between 1 - 10080, 60 is the default if left blank.
vs_currencystringusd in default.
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